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RME have announced the ADI-2 Pro.

Their new 2 channel converter that supports sample rates of up to 768kHz!

The Reference Class for Conversion, Control & Measurement
New Experience in Sound and Quality
The ADI-2 Pro is RME's new reference AD/DA...


audiokid Mon, 04/11/2016 - 08:04

Don't quote me but rumor says it will cost somewhere near $1600 USD.

Has a new chip-set which is promising.
Supports sample rates of up to 768kHz.

Perfect Sound Capture and Reproduction
An integrated Sample Rate Converter solves any clocking problem between SPDIF and AES, with the help of RME's latest SteadyClock III technology. Thanks to the latest AD/DA converters and RME's own FPGA-based Class Compliant core, the ADI-2 Pro offers sample rates of up to a staggering 768kHz.
High Resolution Display Operation

Wow, but do we care? This would be choice for the capture DAW (mixdown or mastering) in a 2 DAW system but....
How do you even track at that SR?

I hope this drops the price on top end 192k converters. I'm looking for a few in the next few months. 96k is all need right now :).