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How often do you get a tax write-off for a business trip to Rome / a seminar on a VERY timely topic / so many noteworthy keynote speakers?

There's no way I can go, but maybe some of you would like to attend - and had not heard about it yet.

Although I got this email notice from event sponsor TC, I was glad to see,
"Seminars are strictly focused on technology, not on products."


Keynote speakers


DATES: 9th & 10th of JUNE 2011
PRICE: EUR 160 per person (you can read the fine print for yourself)

Learn all about the radical changes now happening in production and distribution of broadcast, film and music as a consequence of new ITU and EBU standards. This compact, knowledge-boosting seminar is large enough to gather some of the industry's most influential speakers, yet personal enough that exchange of information and experience is facilitated. Seminars are strictly focused on technology, not on products.

http://www.tcelectr…"]Event Itinerary[/]="http://www.tcelectr…"]Event Itinerary[/]

*don't miss the blurb at the bottom of the Itinerary Page regarding a separate Bob Katz Mastering Seminar the day prior to the Loudness Standards Seminar.

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Big K Wed, 04/06/2011 - 01:01

Now, then...
What can we expect?

Early movers on loudness-based transmission procedures and legislation... sounds shocking..
Are we recording and broadcasting at + 7,38 dB above digital zero in future or is it a guide
to grow larger ears? At least, we can become great MEs in one short afternoon, when Bob puts it all on the table.
Rome is just 700 km away. I could be back for dinner..... lol
Nah, .... I'd rather be steamrollered by the revolutions, coming towards us.

dvdhawk Wed, 04/06/2011 - 11:43

I can appreciate your cynicism Big K.

Rome is about 4700 miles [7500 km] from here and I could use a vacation. So Italy in June sounds OK to me.

As far as the seminar goes, it claims to be an effort to improve technical definitions and ways of measuring perceived loudness where Peak Metering fails. Leading to accepted maximum levels. I would suspect EBU's biggest complaint has more to do with inconsistency in the loudness of television advertising. But broadcasting is competitive and limiter abuse runs rampant everywhere there is audio. So a standardized Loudness Unit that leads to maximum signal levels seems like a step in the right direction to me. Maybe just wishful (naive) thinking on my part.

I know I'd be very happy if all the players in the Volume Wars would call a truce and get some headroom and natural dynamics back in music (and TV).
I'm somewhat encouraged to see those that establish the technical standards recognize that the industry can't go on making 'bricks'.

(and I doubt well-established ME's are Mr. Katz's target audience) I would certainly learn something from it and if I were inclined to fly to Rome on business I'd have an excuse to arrive a day earlier. < if only there were something to do, or sights to see to fill the time >

Big K Wed, 04/06/2011 - 13:37

Well, it will be a looong way from any AES EBU Broadcast conference resolution to something that becomes industry standart and is being used and obeyed at any
and all audio / picture work instances down to the manufacturers of audio/video consumer goods. I don't think I will see the day in my life.
Nevertheless, it shows some understanding that all what is today is nonsence and needs to be standardised and introduced to all involved. So, for MEs and mixer(wo)men,
we get in writing what the majority always preached.... Let there be some dynamic left.... because it sound more natural and is more agreeable to listen to.

Anyhow, would it be held in Munich, I'd probably attend the conference. And if it was only to report to you what the outcome was. And, of course, to introduce Bob to
the delicious Weizenbier of which Remy is so rightfully fond of.
:wink: I am enjoying one as I write...yammie...