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Does anyone have a sheet music collection?
I'd be grateful if you could share.

Collecting sheet music is something that I like to do.
Regards Norman!

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paulears Fri, 10/25/2019 - 13:05

Sharing sheet music of course does happen. I've got loads in my shed that I never use. May colleague digitised his entire collection and now plays from a pad. Even if you really wanted to share, distance means scanning - scanning takes time, and I meant to scan my collection but after doing just a few I got fed up - hence the pile in the shed.

Sharing sheet music really needs people to be close.

I'm not so sure that copyright actually applies here in the sense we're talking about. It is clearly illegal for me to scan a piece of sheet music and send it to you, however, if I send you the actual music, then no copy has been made. You can buy and sell books and sheet music on Ebay - and they are very tight on rights infringement. So my opinion - unskilled as it is - is that like books and DVD/CDs you can buy and sell them for money if you wish. You cannot copy - but when it was bought, you own the thing the music or story is on.

The wording on the CD/DVD/videotape/sheet music often seems to have restrictions but nobody ever takes a second hand shop to court for selling old DVDs?