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So it seems we have a couple of issues with some of our 58s. They're a couple of years old, and have been used on hundreds of shows. Lately we've had problems getting a good sound out of them and problems with gain before feedback. So I decided to AB them and take some measurements. Here's what I found:

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Unfortunately, I don't have a "working" 58 with me to compare, but seeing the results, I'll get one or two tomorrow for comparison. Until then, I'm open to suggestions as to which one is OK. :)

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ACIDMAN Sun, 02/06/2011 - 08:45

Just out of curiosity has anyone tried the Samson Q7 ? I did 8 blind A-B tests with six fussy musos and two studio owners over a period of three to four weeks with a Q7 and a 58.

Wait for it..........................7 out of 8 people thought the Q7 was the 58 hmmmmm!

Just a thought ! And they're less than half the price of a 58 and better FB rejection too !

The 58 hasn't really changed much in over 30 years and with technology moving so fast now it was just a matter of time before I could get 58 quality at half the price !

Guitarfreak Thu, 02/10/2011 - 20:21

rockstardave, post: 364026 wrote: i agree. sm58s suck by todays standards. sure lots of people know them, but lots of people also know about hitler.

I've been using a Heil PR20 lately for vocals. I always audition my mics whenever having somebody new over, but the Heil always wins out over the 58. Not sure I would be so willing to take it on the road as I would a 58 though...