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Does anyone have any experience with this mic? I see that they are dumping them at Musiciansfriend/GC for $199 where they were $599 until recently. I already have a Groove Tubes GT55, which I like. However, it is the only condenser mic I've ever owned besides an MXL 990 which I did not care for. I mean, if it is good but they are discontinuing the model, I am interested, but if they are dumping them because of quality problems or just poor sound, I'm not so hot on it. I'm probably not going to do anything unless somebody comes back raving about the quality or especially has heard it in direct comparison to a GT55 and finds it vastly superior. I get turned on by huge discounts... if it really is a value that is.


RemyRAD Thu, 08/20/2009 - 18:49

You know, I find almost any microphone valuable no matter how crappy. That's because they are all different colors of your palate. You can never really have too many microphones. Just because it's been discontinued isn't a reason not to own it. Quality concerns? There's quality concerns with everything these days. Most things just don't double as hammers anymore like SM57's. I still have 8 Radio Shaft PZM's from nearly 1990s. And that capsule cost at least $.98 retail. So I've made some great recordings using $.98 microphones. Of course it helped to have them plugged into $400 per channel preamps, but still, $.98. $.98! That's insane! What engineer would make a professional recording with $.98 microphone capsules? You'd have to be crazy.

Still Crazy after all these years...
Mx. Remy Ann David

anonymous Thu, 08/20/2009 - 19:48

Thanks. I understand your paint brushes and palette analogy. I have a billion guitars, amps and effects for the same reason- although I am not a professional and have no justification for so many except that I play some of them every day. In addition, I'm not a recording engineer and have no profitable purpose for this mic. I just record rock vocals to songs I write in my basement and want something that sounds semi-professional. I would only use it for my own male vocals, perhaps acoustic guitar and guitar amps. I do not intend to be recording a capella groups, stringed quartets or anything delicate like that in the near future. While I can see having a mic just to have it, I'm getting a little cramped for space in my townhouse and try to limit purchases to items I will use on a regular basis. I enjoy my GT55 mic and would only purchase another mic if I believed it would be more flattering to my voice than this one. I have a few dynamic cartoid mics for singing through a PA and mic'ing guitar cabs, but this is my only condenser, so I don't have a lot to compare it to.

Hey, you seem like a mic collector and this is a really good deal- perhaps. So... why don't you buy it and report back to me as I trust your judgement. I know you know what you are talking about. Come on... 2/3 off. You must be salivating at that deal as a mic collector.

What was the $400 preamp you used the 98 cent mics with?

Out of curiosity. I have a Joe Meek VC3 I bought when all I had was the GT55 and an EMU 0404 soundcard. It was a late 90s model and was $400 new but I picked it up on eBay for $90. Is this preamp like other technology where what was $400 10 years ago is total junk today and I should ditch it on eBay or is this a piece that could make decent recordings with the right mic and soundcard. I am thinking about a slightly better interface. I'm using a Presonus Firebox now, but am thinking about going back to a decent quality soundcard and using my own preamps- if I can find out if my Presonus tube pre and Joe Meek are any better than Behringer entry level junk.

Obviously, if I could test out some higher quality mics and pres, etc., I'd probably spend the money if I could hear an obvious improvement, but (a) they don't let you return mics (b) by the time I set it up and start using it enough to know it is not for me the return policy is over on soundcards, and pres (c) my friends who record own even worse stuff than I do so it is not much of a comparison.

Basically, my dream would be to have a dozen middle priced mics and pres in a room, sing through them all and then find what suited me- you know- like clothes.

Kind of a rambling response. In effect, I'd like to buy as few components as possible, but anything that is a clear improvement is worthwhile if the price is reasonable given the light use it will receive.

moonbaby Sat, 08/22/2009 - 07:13

"Salivating" at a 66% discount on a Chinese mic-Remy? You should read her OTHER posts regarding el-cheapo LDC's !!! I'm stunned that she didn't recommend that you put that $200 towards a 57 and a 58 instead...

Many of us have a plethora of mics to use as "paintbrushes". We all like to find "deals".That really doesn't look much like a steal to me, rather they brought the price down to a reality level. I have a GT SC5 (an earlier model from GT), and have compared other GT's to it. Blah, I think that they all sound the same, with that hyped top end. One GT is enough for mois, I usually relegate it as a room mic.

You want some really different "flavors"? How about a different type of mic, like a Cascade Fathead (another mic Remy has recommended), which is a ribbon mic. That's a different color. Look at Kel mics, nice INEXPENSIVE Chinese condensers that DON'T hype the top end. How about a nice large diaphragm DYNAMIC, Like a Heil PR30 or PR40, or an E-V RE-20 or RE-27. These tend to have less off-axis coloration, and this might come in handy in a basement studio. For rock'n'roll singers, Ive found that the Heil PR-35 works well in less-than-ideal acoustic environments. Just some thoughts. Peace.

jg49 Sun, 08/23/2009 - 11:16

I don't think she hates them, just does not like her mics with MSG and soy sauce, or adjusting them with chopsticks. The biggest complaint re: chinese mics seems to be quality control supposedly large variances, they say if you get a good one they can be ok. I never have used a Sterling though and I think that is why you did not get much debate over this issue.