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Hi, has anyone managed to successfully hook up the Tascam DM24 to a Digi 001 as a HUI? I will be using Pro Tools LE software an mac OS 9.

Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated.


anonymous Thu, 08/10/2006 - 02:33

Hi, thanks for your response gdoubleyou.

After many hours looking through forums and technical documents I am begining to realise what you've said is right.

I have OS X on the mac, but the version of Protools (LE v 5.1) is only OS 9 compatible, and as far as I am aware the Digi 001 is only OS 9 compatible too.

Unfortunatley I am unable to update anything as the local charity I am doing this for do not have the budget to do so.



anonymous Tue, 08/22/2006 - 19:51


Hey, I saw your post and thought I'd write. I have a Digi 001 running on a Mac G4 on OS 10.2.8 and everything works flawlessly! I AM running Pro Tools 6, though. I'm pretty sure that PT 5 only works with OS 9, PT 6 works with OS X (OS 10.1.x and 10.2.x), and PT 7 requires something later than OS 10.2. I do know that PT 7 will NOT work with a Digi 001.

As far as using your DM 24 as a control surface via HUI, do a Google search for: "Recording and mixing with the DM-24 and Digi 001". This will take you to the tascam website, where you can follow the links to the DM-24 product page. From there you can dowload a pdf that explains the entire process. (I did it just the other day.) If this doesn't work. Let me know on this thread. Also, could you PLEASE let me know how well they end up working together because I'm am considering buying a DM-24 for the same purpose.

Thanks, naethoven

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