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Anyone here ever used the GS Mini Bass?

I'm thinking about getting a starting bass for one of my daughters whom I’m proud to say is an accomplished pianist already.

She's expressed interest in the bass and this GS Bass looks pretty cool. Would this be loud enough "acoustically" along with acoustic guitars and vocals in a group setting? Would it be a good bass to learn and work with others playing acoustic music?
How does it sound live, how does it record and how does it sound plugged into a bass amp?

Watching this:

Finger picking, The AT5045 sounds great on this bass. However, a pick in this example leaves a lot to be desired, which I'm thinking is partly due to "technique" how he is attacking the strings. Sounds like he is scratching the string a bit.

(on a side note) TapeOp has an interesting review on the at4054p

Thanks for any info.


kmetal Sun, 07/22/2018 - 19:39

that looks pretty cool, and taylor doesn't make junk. my concern would be if the depth of the guitar was too bulky or uncomfortable. something else you might look at as a different option would be an upright electric bass, i think fender makes one around the $500 range. it seems like it could fare better as a solo instrument, but hold its own in most other situations. Takenobu (exposition album), is one of my favorite artists these days, an upright bass player and singer, he plays solo and with a group (drums, fiddle, ect). i played electric bass in the last band i was in (blues rock originals and covers) but i always found it challenging to keep interested unless i was actually playing songs with a group. sorry i have no facts, just opinion on this one.

Tony Carpenter Mon, 07/23/2018 - 03:31

I have no experience with a mini bass, however I have owned, until I sold it after it sat around for over 2 years, a Martin lx ( same as Ed Sheerans, without pickup though). I found it to be high energy when finger picked but sucked with a pick. Light touch instruments, at least from that experience and the kids that come along to open mics with Taylor minis too.


dastirling Sat, 02/25/2023 - 13:40
Unlike the ESP Ltd. thinline bass I had, the Taylor has a fully chambered body and in a small setting of other acoustic instruments it will probably be heard. I play bass for a Uke group in Coupeville, WA and even though I've owned other true acoustic-electric basses, I've always used an amp (I'm using a Peavy Max 208 at the moment). Just be sure to cable far enough away (even if wireless) so that you avoid feedback.

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