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Hi all,

I came back to making music after several years of break. I realize that I really enjoy field-recording, collecting interesting sounds from nature and everyday objects with my zoom h1 recorder.

I realize I need better organizing capabilities for my samples than the windows file manager has to offer. lots of commercial software packages have this overkill of features and also I don't have money to spend anyways. I'd like a browser type software that shows file details like length, creation date, bit- and sampling rate.. a good preview (maybe with visual) would be cool but optional, what's definitely a plus is tagging options, so that I can gove each sample several tags like for example "wood" "sqeeky" "holidays 2019" "bed" and be able to quickly sort by those tags / labels.

Is there any free or open-source program around? I used google vut didn't find a satisfying tool. What do you use? I'm thankful for every thought you might want to share with me. cheers!