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Hi guys, So I'm looking into buying a new preamp to go with my RODE K2. I have a Summit 2BA-221 which is ok but not the sound I'm looking for. Anyways my friend swears buy the 6176 even over the Avalon 737. But wanted to know what any of you think about the 6176 or the la-610 and how they are comparable. Does the la-610 have an EQ? Anyways the La-610 is more in my price range but i'm willing to spend more if the 6176 is overall better. Thanks


BobRogers Wed, 10/19/2011 - 17:18

The basic difference between the two units is the compressor. The LA-610 MK II has an LA-2A style optical compressor. The 6176 has an 1176 style compressor. Both are great compressors with different character. The 1176 is much more versatile and can be used in gentle modes for vocals or for heavy compression for drums, bass, guitar. The LA-2A is very gentle optical compression. I love it on vocals. Both channels strips seem to have the same preamp/eq section. (I'm just going by the front panel; didn't check the schematic.

Another consideration is that there is a[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.uaudio.c…"] promotion on the LA-610 MKII[/]="http://www.uaudio.c…"] promotion on the LA-610 MKII[/] that gives you a UAD-2 Duo "for free." I like the UAD plugins, so that would be an important consideration for me.

BobRogers Wed, 10/19/2011 - 18:52

I should mention that the tube preamp at the front of these units is not for everyone. It may fit your vocals perfectly, but there are a lot of reasons that these units lost popularity to solids state units like Neve and API. These are great preamps, but not what I'd choose if I had to have one channel to record a dozen different vocalists.

pauseone Wed, 10/19/2011 - 19:04

yes i know different variables fall into place for different people. I actually only record one artist exclusively so i'm just looking right now for an overall good mic pre that is commonly used known and trusted. It might not be the best one for him but if its good then it should hopefully provide the sound that i want.

RemyRAD Wed, 10/19/2011 - 21:04

While Bill Putnam may have been known for some of his Consoles and preamps, it was his limiters that cut all the hits. And most of those hits were recorded with his limiters. Not only that, most of those hits were cut with API or NEVE discrete transistor preamps, into 1176/LA 2/LA 3's. If you really need a tube, you get at least a 6 foot one with a douche bag... Notice, George Massenburg doesn't use any tubes.

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