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I am wanting to create a sound like this one. It has something to do with LFOs with a degree of instability.

[Shows itself at 0:25-0:30 as it rises in pitch and does so again a few times throughout such as 1:25 and 3:00]

There is also a similar sound in Lana Del Rey-Born To Die

at 1:30 and 1:40 (and at times throughout)

Whatever the technique is for creating this type of sound, it was used on both of these tracks of course in their own altered ways.

If anybody knows exactly what this is help me out and share with me. Thank you.

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pcrecord Thu, 06/15/2017 - 07:31

I think we won't know for sure what was used unless we could speak to the producer(s)..
Thing is, there is a few plugins that can alter sounds to make those kinda LFO movement and there is many virtual instruments (VSTi) available that have those fonctionnalities too..
Names that popup to me are Audio damage phosphore, Spire, Rapture pro and many others...

To me this is a good thing if you don't find the same exact sound. Being unique is far more valuable.
Choose tools that inspire you and create your own sound. That's my modo!! ;)