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Thinking of picking up a pair of these. Can't really go more expensive than this.
I'm aware a lot of people seem to like the KRK Rokit 5's, but I've heard more than enough negative opinions on those monitors.
I've been hearing overwhelmingly positive reviews about these monitors.
Anyone have any opinions on the Yamaha's?



kmetal Thu, 08/15/2013 - 11:53

i bought a pair and brought them back (hs80's), a dude i work w/ loves them. they're ok for the price it's tough to beat, but i like the powered alesis monitor1 mk2's alot better. in your price range that's what i'd get. your not giving up any fidelity and i think the alesis's just sound smoother, or more real. the yams aren't hyped in the right places for me, and i've heard them in 3 different rooms, i think the alesis is a mch better buy, cuz the yams are just short of the mark, they are mid priced, but when your talking the money they want, it's like focals could be way better. that's why i wouldn't pay the extra for the yams, cuz the alesis ones are as good or better, and the next step up is a big one from those, i just don't hear a reason to get the yams in my experience/preference.