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Hello,I just bought a Zoom H2 to record some song idea's and acoustic demos.I was just wondering if anyone else on this board could maybe let me know how i could use the Zoom most effectively for recording these demos.I've never done recording before so i'm kind of in the dark on this one.How far should i be away from the mic? What settings should i use? Front mics or all 4? Thanks for any help! -Andrew


BobRogers Fri, 08/22/2008 - 03:30

I'd start out just recording in stereo using the internal mics. Use 24bits, 44.1kHz. Start without using any internal effects.

The big thing you will need to experiment with is finding a good room, a good spot in the room and a good position for the recorder relative to you and your guitar. Does the zoom have some way to attach to a stand? A camera tripod works very well for this. I'd start with the recorder 2-3 feet away from you at a height halfway between your guitar and your mouth. Make several test recordings at this distance changing the angle of the recorder and the height of the recorder. Do the same with the recorder farther away. Once you have found the position that that works best, try to move to different rooms or different positions within your room. When you find the best spot in the house repeat the tests with the mic position.

After you do that, have fun experimenting with the internal effects and editing the song on your computer.

anonymous Sat, 09/13/2008 - 07:00

i recently bought the H2 for this very reason. actually i am on a budget and am a singer song writer. i am trying my hand at not only using the H2 for song ideas but to actually record my next cd with it. although not being able to mic my voice and guitar separately, there is that "sweet" spot you can get by trying diff locations and positions. since the H2 records so well, if you have a dead room i have found the recordings to be more than good. the very mild "hiss" i get when recording level is up around 120 i can have removed by a friend using logic and much better editing tools he has leaving me a great recording. however he will not be able to add individual EQs to voice or guitar because it will effect one or the other seeings they are one track. but my voice and guitar already have great tones that the H2 captures well. with creativity and practice i dont see why any acoustic singer song writer could not get professional sounding recordings.

in the 60s,70s,80s much music was recorded on far worse gear.