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I'm installing a wood stove in a recording room and I'm concerned about sound coming in from the chimney.  Any suggestions for dealing with this?

There is a consistent noise source nearby which, so far, I have dealt with relatively successfully with window/door plugs.  The stove would open a 6" channel from the room, through the ceiling/attic, and through the roof.

The stove itself might have enough mass to stop the sound (?) but the stovepipe is made of thin metal.


audiokid Thu, 06/09/2022 - 18:39

I'm actually installing a wood stove too. I never thought about the pipe noise so how coincidental and timely! I've been using wood stoves for years and the best way to "insulate" wood stove pipe is with Selkirk all-fuel chimney pipes. https://www.selkirk…

They are expensive but I'm sure they will help.

kmetal Thu, 06/09/2022 - 21:00

The only things I can't think of is to box out the pipe with a fire resistant material like perhaps 5/8" fire code drywall, insulated with something like rockwool. Or some form of masonry.

Thid should help mitigate some of the noise that would enter/exit the pipe itself.

You may also re route the pipe so it exits via a wall, to keep the run short.

You might be able to install some inline dampers to close off the pipe when it's not being used, and possibly one at the exhaust point.

If you routed the pipe out the wall, it might be able to make a door that's controled via an automatic opener/closure, and matches the mass of the wall. This would be a fancy version of the window plugs.

It might not be a terrible problem given the long run of the pipe, and the bend(s) in it. Also the noise source might be quiter at the ceiling point or wherever the opening is to the outside world, that it is at the windows.

Insulation like Chris is talking about might do the trick too.

How loud is the noise source? That will determine how much attenuation you need.