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I've already read all the threads but want to start another to address my specific questions. I am using a uh7000 and am keeping my st69 tube.

I've already owned:
-c214 (liked it)
-ksm42 (sometimes I liked it but wasn't my fav)
-at4047 (didn't really like it that much)
-st69 (sometimes I LOVE it sometimes not as much)

Okay so I'm looking for one of these and am apprehensive hence the thread you see here:

- c214 again
- at4050
- Warbler 87 imitation
- Lewitt LCD (sonically better version of the 414?)
- WA 87
- at4060 (I'd want to love it for that price)
- maybe an old genesis tube mic?

Anyway I was going to grab a 4050 until I read how many people said it was bland. Kinda read the same about the 414. What say ye?

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Davedog Tue, 03/02/2021 - 01:01

Since you have already ruled out so many different mics, the very first thing I would do is make a comprehensive list about each mic and it's characteristics that you DID like and DiD Not like.

And here's the thing about buying a mic you haven't tried yet. No matter what the reviews say, what the online opinions are, what the sales price is, you will NEVER truly know until you have it in your space with your abilities to use it.

When you make your list of EACH mic you have used, then you will know by simple repetition what aspects you want in a mic. Much easier to select something sight unseen but really trying it out is always best. Book an hour in a studio that has a bunch of great mics. Tell you want to shoot them out for your own needs and have a go at it.

Cheaper than buying and then selling and buying again.

paulears Tue, 03/02/2021 - 03:12

Mics are like guitars. Buying a Les Paul doesn't tell you anything about how you will sound playing it. Davedog's idea I'd not thought about - but it's a good one. My accountant says I have to buy some gear - I've found somebody selling a great mic. Good price (and it is expensive) and a mic everyone says is the dog's whatsits - but every time I have bought a mic others say is wonderful, it's been less than successful. I simply hate my SM7B. It's fine. Just not 'special' in the way others bow down and pray to them. I loaded it to the band's guitarist who has fell in love with the damn thing. This is why my 'best' mic could be your worst buy ever.

pcrecord Tue, 03/02/2021 - 04:57

Ok let me stir it up a bit.
Althought it is a valid audio interface, the uh7000 doesn't have the best preamps. Chances are you never heard the full potential of any of the mics you tried. It you still own many of those mics.. I suggest you rent or borrow a Focusrite ISA preamp, they give 80db of clean gain with a bit of mojo due to the transformers. They will give a second life to any mics. Even a SM57 will impress you with a good preamp.

I like Davedog's idea to book an hour in a studio. Mics are like gloves, you need to try many to find one that fits perfectly.
Bring your uh7000 to the studio too.. you might realise it is your bottle neck or not... Comparing is the only way to know.

Let us know how it turns out for you !