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Anyone use db audioware?

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A friend pointed out the website. Pretty cool plug ins. 64 bit processsing, comp/exp limiter, mastering limiter (maximizer), 3 band mutiband limiter. So far I like how they sound and I love the price. The interface is simple and useful. Anyone else used this stuff?


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audiowkstation Sat, 07/07/2001 - 08:55
I downloaded the plugins for the 21 day free trial to see if I liked them. The de-essor is decent, but not for 2-mix. It will intefere with the background tracks...Hats, cabasas, maracas, cassenettes.

For single track use...pretty effective.

I suppose with any plug-in, you can find a particular use for these. I had some longer sessions yesterday and tried a few of the patches...but if it is going to the recorder "right" (Strait up as you hear) much less of these are needed.