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OK, here is a question: why can't I PM Bill Robers?

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Can someone answer me this? I need to talk to Bill and yet I can't PM him. What is going on?




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audiokid Fri, 04/25/2003 - 11:21
This person has been permanently refused PM privileges on RO because he has PM members impersonating that he is an Admin. for RO. There is only one acting Admin of RO and that is me. This was totally unacceptable and very dishonest. If you need to contact members try a search, he has a phone number posted somewhere. This person is still a member but no longer has PM privileges or can call himself a moderator of RO under that username.

If anyone has received email from this person that suggests he was an Admin of RO I ask you to please contact me. We're doing damage control.
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Hope that helps.

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