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Ry Cooder mastering with iTunes

I was in the car yesterday and I heard…"]this interview[/]="…"]this interview[/] with Ry Cooder on World Cafe. At about 19 minutes he talks about mastering his latest CD using iTunes. There seem to be a few comments about it elsewhere on the web, but I didn't find anything that looked definitive. Seemed like an interesting little tidbit. Anyone seen anything more about this?

While I guess it's luck of the draw that the iTunes algorithm meshed with his music in just the way he likes, I find it more surprising that he wasn't already working with a mastering engineer that would give hI'm the sound he liked. He's not exactly in the business of making "Clear Channel Ready" music, and I would think that Nonesuch records would be using mastering engineers who can do old school as well as more modern styles.