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Sorry I have been gone so long. .

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Wow folks...I really miss this community.

Here's what I have been up to:

First I separated from my Wife Sept 20th and had to move out...unfortunantly...I gave her everything (houses, cars, accounts...etc except my studio and My Dog Maddie)and had to find a place to live. With little or no cash, no car, furniture etc. .moving and getting a car was rough but my good friend Rick Hammang came through and sold me a car and I even moved into his old is small and it is 550 /month but It sounds great in there...again, I had no furnishings at all...just a console throne. Sleeping on the floor is not too cool. I then hooked up with avanti video and did some work with them...but it was really light stuff and not much income.
I still do not have a phone or an internet connection as of living expenses take every last dime down here in South Florida...but I can pysically take my computer to the avanti office and hook up for short periods of time. I am not employed by avanti...but I can hang out, hopefully they will get a project that I can be involved in. The West Palm beach opera will need to be shot and recorded and put in the can this Sunday...and I love opera..especially first class large scale operas so at least I will get to do the audio. It is a freebee.

A tragic thing happened in January. My Mother passed away for emphesema. It was a kick in my chest. It happened on the 24th and January was hard for her during her last 3 weeks so That month was hard on everyone in my Family...and just now am I picking up the pieces and moving forward as I should. Anyone who has lost their Mother can testify to the hurt. She now is in a better place.

So far...I have applied at numerous facilities and some retail to make ends meet. I have the studio and mastering facility fully operational and I am getting a killer translation. It had some teething problems at first...but it has come together much nicer than before IMHO. I am actually getting Flat frequency response down to below 15hz. No Joke. It is amazing how the room sounds. The loudspeakers just disappear. not quite as much as with the high end valve amplification I had before but the 60WPCH amp I have now has adaquate headroom and plenty of viseral stimulation.

Now...As for the mastering project. I snail mailed all the information to Chris for the people who have paid their money for the original situation and Brad has taken over the project. I promise in the next coming weeks to repay all those who sent the money. I feel awfully bad about the turn of events that have occcured in my life in the past 6 months...but I am plugging away as hard as I know how to. My apologies to all who feel offended. I am finally open for business...hopefully I can scrounge up some projects and get back into the groove. I have been waiting for a gig that is supposed to take place in California since March 2001 and cancelled a number of projects to have room for that it is 12 months later and the project is still on the shelf. I simply cannot make myself as avalible to that project as I have is exspensive not getting gigs.

Well folks, I will visit as often as I possibly can..I really hope to get a phone and get on line as soon as possible...hopefully within 6 weeks...then I will be back here for hours a day as before. Thank you everyone I have associated with and please bear with a short time every cylinder will be hitting again.



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Dave McNair Thu, 02/28/2002 - 14:49
Bill, I too have been there. I remember thinking how much better my apt sounded where I moved after the divorce! I'm sure work will pick up, in the mean time I urge you to appreciate the small quiet moments that happen day to day. Looking forward to seeing you back here soon, hang in there bro.