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I'm looking to buy a condenser mic, and I've noticed there are quite a bit of condensers for $99.99 or less. What would be the best choice out of these?

I'm looking to use it for vocals, etc.


Edit: I noticed the AKG Perception 100 & 200, and the reviews look great. Is there a big enough difference in these two microphones where I should go with the Perception 200?


RemyRAD Sun, 01/27/2008 - 22:48

Yup yup yup. That's right. You need both. When you need the condenser sound, you use the condenser. When you want that smoother dynamic sound, you use the dynamic. If it's really loud? Use the dynamic. If it's really soft, use the condenser. If it has a limited frequency response like a guitar amplifier, use the dynamic. It has a broad range of frequencies like a drum, piano use the condenser. For a vocalist? Try both!

If you didn't like any of those suggestions or those microphones? Put them in a box and don't forget to use a ribbon.

Lots of ribbons, Yum.
Remy Ann David