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Is the Neumann m149 the best vocal studio microphone, in the world ?

what is or opinion ?



anonymous Thu, 07/10/2003 - 17:29

ld = large diaphragm

and the answers you received for this question on the other forum were 100% correct..

it's a great mic but there's no perfect vocal mic

every voice is different..and the mic has to suit it and the style and etc etc etc

there's nothing like using the most expensive mic/pre you can find only to record a great vocal that won't sit with the mix at all

anonymous Fri, 07/11/2003 - 13:53


You might get confused by all that good advice.
You really should try the mics yourself and let your ears do the work they're made for.

The M149 is a very nice mic, but only for vocals?
There are very nice vocal mics for less money.

Search the forums, there has been very much discussion about mics.

If budget is not an issue, go ahead and buy a DPA 4040.

Mario-C. Sat, 07/12/2003 - 11:08

don't throw me to the lions for saying this but I'm not a big fan of the m149, of course it's a great mic but I think it's overpriced, take a look at the early power supplies (construction sucks IMHO) and I wasn't too crazy about the sound either, I got better results with a Manley cardiod (about $2000 cheaper)

anonymous Sun, 07/13/2003 - 00:07

I've used the m149 a lot. I actually like this mic a lot. What I don't like about it, is that it has a very hot output and can distort your pre input, in where the output and record levels are fine.
If I were to buy a 149, there is no way I would buy it new, it is NOT worth it. However, these sell used at very reasonable prices all the time.

anonymous Tue, 07/15/2003 - 23:09

My 2 favorite mics to use for vocals is a Neumann U47 and Telefunken 251 Elam, and of course all u47's don't sound the same. I here that soundelux is making U47 copies and 251 Elam's. Both have gotten rave reviews, a couple of people said that they liked it better than their original u47's Has anyone tried these new mics from soundelux?


anonymous Wed, 07/16/2003 - 13:42

Originally posted by ksharp:
My 2 favorite mics to use for vocals is a Neumann U47 and Telefunken 251 Elam, and of course all u47's don't sound the same.

Wow! You sure got some fancy mics for someone brand new to the recording field (re: your post in "small steps"). Damn! You must be doing something right... what's your secret? (Are you using an original e-LAM or the $10,000 reissue?)

anonymous Mon, 07/21/2003 - 06:09

That's like asking, "what's the best color red to use in my painting." The two major issues to consider when choosing a vocal mic are 1) how does this mic sound on the vocalist? and 2) How well does the vocalist work with this mic? the 149 is certainly a great mic to choose. I'm also not a snob who says you should go out and blow thousands of dollars and get everything made on planet earth. Having said that, however, it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. I'd at least try to score a couple or three good mics to choose from. (Yeah, like I got all the money in the world.) :w: