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WTF are midfields? I know what nearfields and mains are. Nearfields are the small boxes that you put on stands or on the bridge of your desk. Mains are the mega boxes that are soffit mounted.

What are midfields? My guess is that they're a comprimise between nearfields and mains? What would be some model/brand examples of midfields? Would I benifit from buying these midfields and putting them in my studio with my Mackie HR824s? Can I use my Mackies like they were midfields?

My Mackies are sorta loud. They're kinda like turning the TV level up to 200. Definetly not a whompy ass-smashing clubesque sound. I'd -like- to have ass-smashing levels available to check my mix at, to hear if it groooves.





planet red Tue, 11/27/2001 - 20:57

Yeah I'd like some big loud speakers with a lot of bass for doing overdubs and to make the band go DAMN when the mix is done. Right now I have an old pair of jbl monitors from the late 70's with no stock parts that someone traded me. I know them really well, but they sound like shit. I want something thats going to sound like one of those space ship looking stereo systems only a whole lot louder. I just dont want to pay too much since im not looking for accurate. Either way I'll be replacing the jbls with the mackies next week. maybe ill just get the sub for the mackies, anyone know if that will get super loud and club sounding?

Faeflora Wed, 11/28/2001 - 16:25

You could buy a high quality PA for your studio. Think about it: Fuck mains, I got my 10,000 watts right here in your FACE!

Hey I bet if you lined the walls of your studio with huge speaker cabinents it would be decorative as well as destructively (destructively meaning explode your head with 150db @ 10ft) functional. Semi-deaf bands suck to be around anyways ("huh what?" or even better "....." no response at all to your questions) so help em out with getting that disability status :p :p :p .