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I find myself with way too much time on my hands while I'm rebuilding and upgrading. (almost done)

I think there will be a big resurgence in local level recording and performing when things start to open up. All those talents having to woodshed and all those appreciators hungry to hear stuff. Hope I'm right. Papa needs a new motorscooter.

I'll share a few from my clients over the last couple of years.
These are done, mastered, printed, sold at merch tables, toured, etc..
So critique will be a matter of taste at some point as the clients have paid etc...
Of COURSE i coulda done it this way or that way and probably did at some point.

I share these for those who want to learn and maybe hear something in these they are trying to get in their own efforts and need some direction or are simply curious about the minuscule details of every recording they hear. .

I know I am... The next three or four will be about layering sounds as there's quite a few tracks in all of them.

This one is from Tracey Fordice and The 8Balls The album is "Out Of The Blues" This one is 'Alone Too Long'



Attached files 01 Alone Too Long.mp3 (10.7 MB)