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Whats peoples views on the Tascam 38?
I already have a Teac 80-8 and lately Ive been in touch with someone who wants rid of a 38. Is there much of a difference between the two machines?

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KurtFoster Sun, 01/26/2014 - 12:42

perhaps the 80 is slightly better machine. the electronics on it are all discreet while the electronics on a 38 are more integrated electronics.

neither machine is a really professional machine. the minus 10 ins-an-outs are a tell and while 8 tracks on 1/2" is better than 1/4" its still considered a narrow track format. wow & flutter on these machines is tolerable at best s/n is down a few dB from a real 1" machine and the frequency response is rated a +/- 3 dB while a 1" machine will be rated a - 3 dB at worse. the result is a machine that usually requires noise reduction which DOUBLES freq response errors resulting in freq response errors as much as 12 dB. to boot you can't really saturate the tape with a narrow format machine like you can with a full track machine.

all that said i have produced recordings i am still proud of on 1/2" 8 and even 1/2" 16 machines.