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The absolute bestest post in the world, ever...

I'd just like to direct everyone's attention to Gunnar's excellent post in the thread titled: 'Recording HS Marching/Concert Band'.

It wasn't too well received in that particular thread, but it is full of the sort of hard-love perspective-defining information that no-one tells you when you're entering the world of acoustic recording. Your equipment means nothing if you haven't got this stuff sorted beforehand.

I wish I wrote it.

And I wish I read it when I was starting out.

Gunnar, would it be possible for you to slightly modify it to be less specific to marching bands? And moderators, would it then be possible to put it somewhere for all newcomers to refer to?


Shutting up now...


ghellquist Sun, 10/08/2006 - 10:30
Hi Simmosonic,
I appreciate your feedback. I am quite certain my humble little post was not worth such acclaim.

Hopefully I did not turn Bob away from doing more recordings, I do not think so.

Anyway, if it can help anyone, it is there to be read. Some day I might be able to write up something useful out of this.