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Do you review this battery, what brand could it be?
How many microphones do you use?
What system was used (preamplifiers and converters)?
Is it a battery that could go on a Professional Album?


I will write below with what it was recorded, in what place and what battery it is.

Have fun!

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pcrecord Thu, 04/09/2020 - 08:56

Well, either it's a very mechanical drummer or it's a midi programmed drum played via a VSTi.
No nuances in the HiHat.. It's very rare a real person would play like that..

So which VSTi is hard to say.. Many sound very good. I suspect Superior Drummer or Addictive drums.. maybe..
Could it go on a record ? Probably Yes.
It depends on the context, how it's mixed and what other instruments are in the song.
I mean, rap and dance album are still done with a 30yo beat box sounds (808)


Davide_Santini Fri, 04/10/2020 - 00:56

Thanks Pcrecord for participating in this game.
Blind comments are very useful, because I can understand if I am doing a good job or if I am making mistakes.

18 microphones were used for recording:

  • 3 Rode NT2 first series above the drummer.
  • 2 Akg 414 on the sides of the battery.
  • 1 Akg D112 inside the bass drum.
  • 1 Shure beta 52a outside the bass drum.
  • 1 Rode NT2 first series one meter from the bass drum.
  • 1 Rode M5 on the top of the Tom.
  • 1 Rode M5 on the top of the Floor Tom.
  • 2 APEX 460 valves at about 2.5 meters from the battery.
  • 1 Samson C02 on the UP snare drum
  • 1 Sennheiser E604 on the high snare
  • 1 Shure beta 58a under the snare drum
  • 1 Shure SM57 on the hi-hat
  • 1 Samson C02 Charleston
  • 1Samson C02 on the Ride.

All the microphones went from the preamplifiers of a Machie 32.8 and then to the Digidesign 96 i / o.
Except for the two Apex tube microphones which went through two Neve preamplifiers, but always in the 96 I / Os.

All done in my home studio.