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Anybody know of a reasonably priced outboard M-S decoder box with line level(+4)XLR ins/outs?

AEA sells one that has some extra tweaks(width control, etc.) but it runs at about $600 list.

I've seen some partial circuit designs posted. They seem fairly simple, but they've been either unbalanced or incomplete.

Any thoughts?

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RecorderMan Tue, 11/18/2003 - 19:43

any three channels with polarity reverse on one and the ability to pan will decode M/S (analog or digital)...when spend money on a dedicates matrix?


M channel: Pan center.
S channel number one: Pan left; polarity normal
S channle mult( a copy or mult of the S channel): Pan right; polarity reversed.

So, M is up the middle and gives you your mono center/image. The Left S+ and right S- channels give you your stereo/side information.
Play with the balance, though the combined S+/S- channels can start around -3db relative to the M channel.

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anonymous Sun, 11/30/2003 - 18:38

The only advantage I can see of a dedicated M/S decoder would be in a live-to-two situation, where you need to get the correct stereo imaging onto tape, rather than decoding it later during mixdown.

I've only used M/S a coupla times, but in both instances I decoded after the fact using three channels on the desk and hard panning/flipping polarity, as described above.