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I do a reasonable amount of live work. Midas as you would all know is a live sound reinforcement leader. Very expensive. And i rarely get to work with them.

Just read bout the XL42 rack mount dual channel pre and eq.

http://midasconsole…"]Midas Consoles | XL42[/]="http://midasconsole…"]Midas Consoles | XL42[/]

USD 6300.00

And i yet cannot get myself to afford an API.

hehehe... Just wondering what magic ?

also, as much as I diss PT, i Love the Avid venue line...


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audiokid Wed, 06/30/2010 - 18:27

The purpose of this ingenious device is threefold: firstly to improve the audio quality of an inferior console by adding Midas EQ to the selected programme; secondly to create custom mixing consoles through the ability to daisy-chain multiple units. When linked together, the combined outputs will sum, producing discrete L&R channels. Finally, if a production requires, for example, 10 channels more than the input capacity of the master console, five XL42's can be fitted in a standard rack together with any required dynamic processing, which can be inserted via the XL42's insert points, thus creating a custom 10 into 2 mixer via the output daisy chain feature. The resulting L&R outputs may then be routed to the master console via any convenient point i.e. a pair of aux returns, group inputs, matrix inputs etc.

Sounds really nice. Not many of us will have the opportunity be be so fortunate in this next generation of music.

Why do you love the Avid venue line?