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Linea Research joins Focusrite Group of companies

Linea Research is proud to announce that we have joined the Focusrite Group of companies.

Davey Smalley, Commercial Director, and Ben Ver, Engineering Director, will continue to lead the business.

In a joint statement Davey Smalley and Ben Ver, Directors at Linea Research commented:

“We are delighted to be able to continue the Linea Research success story from within the Focusrite Group. Having seen the support and growth of the brands within the Group, we believe this provides us with a secure foundation to further our R&D efforts and product portfolio, strengthening the Linea Research brand while continuing partnerships with our long-standing OEM partners. This can only be a good thing for our customers, end-users, and very much our staff.”

Linea Research becomes the ninth brand of the Focusrite Group joining Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, ADAM Audio, Martin Audio, Optimal Audio, Novation, Ampify Music, and Sequential.

All of us at Linea Research are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for us and our valued clients.


kmetal Mon, 05/16/2022 - 10:44

Interesting never heard of linea. I wonder if this is going to be part of focusrite incorporating DSP into their interfaces. They're one of the few brands without it (which I don't mind at all). I used to really like the focusrite liquid mix.


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