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Acoustik Musik Ltd


Acoustik Musik Ltd.

Acoustik Musik, Ltd. prides itself on client service. Our clients have told us how important it is to communicate with us from the start of the project through to its completion. We have been in business since 1995, and have worked with major labels and artists as well as developing artists and privately funded projects. Our dedicated mastering studio and our 50+ years of professional audio experience ensure your music receives the attention and care it deserves.

Le Studio Marco Primeau


Le Studio Marco Primeau

I started to do audio work 38 years ago for live shows and never stopped. Althought my main job is an IT technician, I still enjoy recording, mixing and mastering music, voice over and publicity. 

I built my actual little studio slowly but I'm glad to say it pays off to take your time and get better and better. 

Using 16 highend preamps for a total of 22 digital inputs on a solid RME backbone, I'm pleased to be able to accomodate most projects including bands. I'm also able to offer 6 personnalised headphone mixes to help musicians feeling right at home. 

Egg Studio

Meg Lee Chin in Egg Studio Soho, London

Egg Studio began in a dungeon in an industrial park in Essex Road in London. Equipment included;

  • Soundcraft Spirit 24 x 8 x 2 mixing desk
  • Casio FZ1 sampler
  • Fostex 8 Track Recorder
  • Yamaha SPX 90


From there it moved to a small room at Fortress Studio in Clerkenwell London. Equipment included;

  • Atari Falcon digital recording computer system with 4 megs ram
  • 100 megabyte hard drive
  • S900 sampler