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Creating Background Music For Video

In the last year every single audio recording I have done, has been as background music for video clients.  After decades of recording music for artists to release this has been a big change for me. I've learned a few things that I believe can help others who need to make music for video, from maximizing time and value of the created music, to creating moments that give videographers great places to put in video transitions. 

I'd love to hear from others that need to create music for video and learn what you are doing. 

How do I cut the background music from my freestyle?

i have a grip of freestyles me and my friends were just playin around makin and i want to cut the music out the background and put a bunch of the lyrics together and then add a new beat for the entire track. currently I'm using Nero for recording and editing music. i tried to figure it out but just couldnt do it. but atleast i found this forum :)

so any help would be chill and the more the better, any recomendations for progams would be koo but if nero will do it then i got a big fat GEAH goin out to the knowledge beholder.

background information about recording music

I am 15 years old and have been around musica my whole life, from singing in church choir when I was 5 to playing guitar and piano now. I know that I want to make money off of music when I grow up and recording sounds like a great job where you can be around all kinds of music and new bands. The problem is, I have no idea what to do. I don't know any of the equipment. Is there any site that will go over the basics so I can learn a little background information about recording music?



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