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drum loops

Using Acoustically Recorded Drum Loops

I'm new to this so apologies if this isn't normally asked,
I'm starting a company that'll exclusively sell acoustically recorded drum loops as opposed to programmed/MIDI loops etc...& I wondered if I could get any
feedback regarding people's use of loops, or feedback on this idea
I have a really quick 6 question survey so as to do some research for it and wondered if you're interested if you wouldn't mind filling it out?
Here's the link for the survey;

Drum loop for Drum dubbing


I recently realized a lot of drummers play to loops rather than just a click track. This makes a lot of sense, it gives a lot more pockets for the drummer to play to, and makes editing drums a lot easier.

I was wanting to ask, what is the recommended way of going about this without having to sequence an entire drum track ? I would prefer arranging loops instead.


Drum loops - Smartloops and others - What do you use?

I've been using Smartloops for drum loops. My past experience told me to either get a good drummer or learn how to play - times they have changed. As a guitar player, I figure I have enough on my hands...I know good drummers but in my studio, it's very comfortable to have loops on hand to pull together a demo. So, what have you guys used? I'm very into real sounding drums, not your typical electronica stuff. Anyone recommend anything specific? I use Sonar amongst other things. I'd love to know what anyone has found to be "the best".

"riterdando" - audio drum loops - HOW?


I'm sorry, I don't speak English very well, but I hope you'll understand me. ;) )

I have some drum loops CDs with defined tempo. That's all ok.

But I have to do in the end of the song "riterdando". So, how can I make this "time shift" from 126 bpm to 90 bpm (like Fade-Out) ?

Thanks for answers!

It's time for my English-lessons ;) )

decompressing stereo drum loops

I would like to ask you guys about decompression.
Sometimes I use streo drums loops for my own productions. Seems Roland Patches (probably any others) come already squeezed to death, sound already too loud and bright.

I end up having to eq it severely because at the final junior mastering it ends up sounding like Sh!

oka, we can turn down the volume also -lol

Some guys recommend the dbx Quantum or multiple passes with a multiband expander/compressor and so.

What do you guys suggest me?