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Audio Editing Software

Hello everybody,

I have worked many years with Peak Bias. Unfortunately now this software doesn't exist anymore, it had excellent tools, the one I mostly regret allowed to automatically create regions through a threshold (set by milliseconds and dB) and automatically export them progressively numbering the filename. Since Peak hasn't been produced anymore I have searched this is a function in many softwares, without success. Maybe someone of you can suggest me an editing software including this feature?

Slowing down tempo of audio regions in Logic after beat mapping

I'm remixing a song and have beat mapped all the audio regions. I want to slow some of the regions/tracks down, but it just says:
"Multiple tempo events detected! Do you want to open the Tempo List?"

Do I have to redo the tempo on each tempo event if I want to slow it down? Isn't it an easier way to do it?

pro tools - regions to audio files?

I recently picked up the classic Bob Clearmountain drum samples CD for use in the studio. As some of you may know, this sample collection is in AUDIO file format. I have not had a problem importing the audio tracks into Pro Tools and slicing up all the different drum hits on each track into regions. What I AM having a problem with, however is getting all of my separated regions into a usable form outside of the session. Ideally, I’d like them to be in .wav format.

memory allocation/deleting unused regions

Hello folks...first post on this forum.

I'm not a very computer-journeyed guy, but have been using PT TDM system since June by the seat of my pants (after 10 years with a Studer and a Neve 8068), and since I've already learned about destructive recording the hard way (ah-ha...there may be "tracks" in "other songs" labelled the same way or something like that...), I'm wondering what I'm safe to do regarding this situation:

An acoustic guitar album. 14 songs. same 4 mics recorded for every song. All labelled the same for each track (i.e. km54-L, M7, etc...)



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