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SDC - small diaphragm condenser microphone

Pair of SDC's around £500 for classical recordings?


I'm looking to buy a pair of SDC's for location recording of classic vocal groups and ensembles.
So far I've tried the RØDE NT5's and JZ BT201's. From my experience of these I would say the NT'5s are more suited to classical recordings as the have a much higher output and lower signal to noise ratio. Also, whilst the JZ BT201's are very nice sounding mics and have a little more "air" to their sound they lack the depth and low frequencies that the Rode's pick up.

SDC for overheads

I'll be getting a pair of good small diaphragm condensers, here in a couple months.
Would like those of you with experience with these mics to describe how there character in sound.
They'll be used as overheads to track drums for all genres, and they'll be my main SDC's

  • RØDE NT55
  • Shure SM81
  • Sennheiser e614
  • Sennheiser e914
  • Shure KSM137
  • Shure KSM141
  • AKG C451

New SDC Condenser

HIYA guys. Hope you dont mind but I'm gonna hijack your forum for a minute. .Jeremy, Joe...this is for ya'll.
I recently aquired a new companies' SDC mic. This is a 3Zigma CHI system mic. It is part of the ADK mic family. I think. I'm not sure the direct relationship but I did get this mic through Larry @ADK as a part of a repair on my matched set of SC-T's. Suffice to say, they took VERY good care of me on this.