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Samplitude - time stretching multiple tracks

I'm using Pro X2. I need to increase the speed (but not the pitch) of 13 drum tracks and a couple of guitar tracks. I selected the tracks to change in the Object list (check boxes) and can speed up/shrink the tracks fine in the OE. But once I've selected the tracks, if I click on a different track all of my selected tracks become unselected.

Time Stretch Algorithm Question

Does anyone know of a really good time compress algorithm to preserve pitch? I might just write my own in MATLAB, but if something is out there...

We did scratch tracks (pre-demo) for a killer song that is only piano and vocals and it was at 108 bpm. It turned out great, but was done on a garbage keyboard.

Time stretching


We are close to finishing our current production and there is this one song that just seems a little too slow with the final arrangement and instrumentation (3% speed-up would do the trick).

Now, time stretching is obviously readily available in a lot of software solutions, however, the ones that I have used on complete mixes so far result in unacceptable loss of quality.

How to do "vari-speed"?

I have a problem.
Back i the old analog days I really liked to change the speed of the recorder when it was time to do overdubs on the bgvocals. ( the old ABBA-school) I really liked the sound you get when you do the overdubs +/- 10%.
Nowadays I mainly work with Cubase SX (PC)... and I wonder if there is any easy way to do the same thing on my DAW?