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Hitch a Ride - Brad Delp's processing?

Hi!  Wow, it's been a while since I've travelled this way.

I've been asked to do a cover of Boston's "Hitch a Ride".

I'd like to solicit opinions for what processing they are using on the legendary Brad Delp's vocals. To my ears, I can't decide if he tracked it twice or if the doubling is done electronically. 

Vocal chain help in Samplitude Pro X5


I'm trying to set up a simple vocal chain in Samplitude pro x5 using Aux buses but can't quite wrap my head around it. I have made my own templates in the past which typically include some midi drums sent to a drum bus, a couple guitar tracks sent to a guitar bus, bass sent to a bass bus, vocals sent to a vocal bus etc.. These buses, I send to a submix bus which is then sent to my main outs.

Favorite lead vocal trick..


Once I get a good vocal take, I'll double it (copy, paste into new track), both tracks panned center. I'll move the quieter track just a touch behind the master in the timeline, and move it depending on how much spread or delay I want. Usually pretty tight before the air kicks in. Great natural sounding delay and verb without touching a plugin !

Ableton live vocal processing (advice needed)


Hi there. We decided to move on to Ableton for live processing vocals on stage. We found that Ableton provides many effects which can be used in many different ways. Currently we've got Ableton 9, Line 6 digital wifi mic and NI AUDIO KONTROL 1 sound card. Everything is ok in my home studio, but once we go in the club and plugin our gear in the sound system we have a lot of feedback.

Vocal Processing TIPS


Hey guys. I'm looking for some pointers on how you process your vocals. Sometimes I have real trouble getting mine to sit in a mix and sometimes I even find they sound quite thin at the source which is obviously something I really need to take care of.


I would like to know from you pro types.

What kind of signal level do you use for vocal input ?