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Cassette Recorders - The Tascam 112 Recorder from the 90's

I just dug out my old Tascam 112 cassette recorder that's been sitting in the store which I bought in the mid 90s - and I've done a comparison between something recorded in my DAW at 48K, 32 bit floating point, then this file re-imported as a 320 MP3, and then the .wav recorded onto the Tascam, reimported back to the DAW.

Samplitude Pro X6 delay at start

When I open samp and open a song, even the included demo, there is a few second delay before it starts playing. After that, as long as I haven't closed the DAW, every song starts just fine. If I close out of samp and restart it, the same thing happens every time.

Does anyone have a clue what might be up or have this same problem?

I've searched the manual and internet high and low with no success.

Swissonic 88 note Master Keyboard pros and cons

I got asked about the keyboard people could see in the various videos on microphones - it's  a Swissonic 88 note master keyboard and it's got loads of faders and rotary controls, plus a set of drum pads - I've recorded what comes out of Cubase and what the mic in the studio can hear - make your own mind up.

Chamelon Labs 7602 - desoldered cable

Hi all, 

first of all please sorry for my english :) 

Yesterday I realized that the MIC input knob doesn't work with the values under the "off" selection (beetween +20 and +50).

After unmounted it I've seen that a cable is desoldered but I've got no idea to where he was soldered...

Any tips?? possibly with a photo since I don't have great electronics skills :D 

I took a picture of the "free" cable and another to where the other side of the cable is connected\plugged. 

Thank you very much :D 

  • Chamelon Labs 7602 gain selector switch
  • Chamelon Labs 7602 2


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