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Recording classical in studio (on a budget)

Hello all!  I am new here and have not been in the music business or in a studio in decades.  I have been recording my songs (pop/rock/blues) on my home digital studio for years (BOSS BR-1180)...    But now my daughter is composing contemporary classical pieces (think Philip Glass) and it is time to record them.  She has written a Cello and Violin part to a couple of songs.  I have questions that many here may be able to help with. The ultimate goal is to have a quality master worthy of streaming services/broadcasting with interest in licensing deals.  We are just getting started.

Knowledge needed re a home PA speaker for use with a looper pedal and mixer

Hey everyone, 


I'm hoping for a little bit of your knowledge. 

I have a performance setup in my living room, where I record on my looper pedal and practice stage performance. 

I need a beautiful pa speaker that will not look horrid in the room for my wife!

Something that will receive a stereo input, but within one cab (so stereo speakers but in one box)

I'm hoping for something vintage or not TOO music tech looking.

Any ideas?

Apologies if this is out of scope!

Thanks so much for any thought /effort


Any singing recording app?

Hey guys! I've been singing professionally for more than 15 years and I finally decided to start my TikTok profile with singing covers, etc. However, I noticed that it' still better to have your vocals pre-recorded than singing it live. I don't have any professional microphone, but I heard that you can get a pretty decent recording just using your smartphone. Can you recommend any nice singing recording apps to use? Thank you!

Going for an anthemic kind of vibe with this guitar-based instrumental..

Hi everyone,

I've been recording this track over the last week or so. Used my Tele for all guitar sounds; EZ Drummer for drums, EZBass for bass (I know... my bass guitar is very scratchy) and various plugins for keys and strings..

I guess I was going for an anthemic kind of sound.

What do people thing? As always, I used my DT990 Pro headphones (I don't have the space or proper acoustics for monitors). All tracked in Logic Pro.



Write a song for FREEDOM inspired from this content

Political content…

Have a listen to this video (all the way through) and write a song based around its content. If you are not a songwriter then maybe you could be an inspiration towards producing or recording content like this. People are starving for hope. Wake people up!

Those that suppress free speech 🙈, choose to cancel content like the current governments are doing  is no different to those that supported the gas chambers.

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume III

Hello all,

I made a third instalment to my video series about cheap spring reverb solutions. This time I talk about using an old mixing board with a built in tank. Hope you enjoy!

I hope to start a discussion on this thread. What is your cheapest piece of gear you use on your recordings? Any hidden gems (uh oh hope we don't drive up the prices of anything!!)