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free logo advertising for one month on RO

Dear members,

In order for us to be successful with RO we need to gain members and see more interest in our community site/ protalk etc.

We will post your logo for free to whom ever contributes the most in our newsgroups of RO/ protalk during the the next two months starting Oct. 15 to Dec. 15 2000.

You can see how many entries have been made by looking at the user profile.

warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you on line.

long live RO
a place for the sound mind

"Songwriter" Demos vs. "Artist" Demos

This could also be posted in the Producer's area, but I was here, so...

Over the past umpteen years, I've been doing mostly OPM (Other People's Music). I've now begun working with a co-writer/lyricist on my own stuff (finally!). I've had to make a few adjustments in this regard. I thought I'd post some of the differences I've noticed and see if anyone can add to the list or change my mind about these...

What speed do you burn CDs?

What speed do you burn CDs, and why? I have heard arguments that suggest 1x is still the king, others say the faster the better.

Argument for 1x : The faster you burn, the faster the disc spins, the less time it has to burn each pit. The result is more 'blurred' pits -- ie not the ideal square wave holes.

Argument for 4x, 8x, 12x etc: The faster the disc spins, the less it wobbles, and the more 'circular' the burn (sorry, I don't know the tech terms for this). Also, these burners are optimized for these speeds.

vocal microphones that make you drool

I'm looking at purchasing a mic solely for vocals. I've had some experience with U89s, U87s, TLM140, Geffals etc. recording in other studios (with great results), but as I am buying this for my own studio I want to make sure I purchase something amazing (as I'll probably only start with 1 mic). After a bit of research the options I have so far are M129, Manley Reference and Brauner VM1. I think these are what I'm after, but I've not heard any of them.


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