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More SpectraLayers

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7 years 7 months

I just discovered Emeli Sante. I had heard the name but her music had passed me by. On the radio I heard a track, and Shazammed it. I think it will be a great one for a friend of mine to sing - so I jumped into an arrangement of it - perhaps with the intention of doing it live in a theatre idea we have had on the simmer since pre-covid. Did the demo - just piano. Then because I like it, added double bass and then got a bit carried away with a string quartet.

This weekend's project - will it work, or won't it?

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7 years 7 months

We get quite a bit of work because we work across technical boundaries - We're working for a well known client next week who is putting his comedy show out on a streaming platform - so it's lights, sound (recording and PA) and video - we won't edit - just provide the services on the day of the shoot. This weekend though, it's one of our choir groups - can you do our first concert since lockdown ended - as a video and sound project. I asked when and where. All agreed and I've worked in that church before, so knowing the choir (and the awful piano/nice organ) all got agreed and times set.

Deleting useless content

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21 years

I've been learning a lot over the last few years why most forums are considered lower in rank to SEO. Without repeating the book on this subject, I will be deleting all comments in threads that are dribble now.

Example of dribble.
OP asks the community how to record something. If there is a comment in that thread that says... just plug the cord into the board... this post will now be deleted.

How well do the drums sit? (Guitar-driven instrumental track).

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2 months

Hey all,

I'm mixing a guitar-based track and struggling to get the drums to sit well.. I'm very much a newcomer to this stuff so any thoughts or feedback on how I could improve things would be greatly appreciated! (Find mp3 attached).


Improving My Live Streaming Sound.

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6 years 7 months

word on the street is that my live-streaming sound is a bit thin, and could be improved.
Here's the sound,…
I'm singing through a Neumann U87, the guitar is through a AKG C3000. The Neumann goes via a JoeMeek VC3. Both mics go through a Yamaha MG10 mixer, using its internal reverb (plate setting) and eq, then out via the mixers USB into OBS running on Windows 10. In OBS there's a gain boost and the internal limiter.

Recording classic vocal (baritone) and piano

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I'm asked to film a classic vocal and piano. Just for fun, no audience. In the past I've done some bigbandrecordings but this classic thing is a bit out of my confortzone. Filmwise I'll be ok but on the audioside I'm not shure how to set up things. It's going to be recorded in an old barn with a wooden floor. Some of my mics I can use are 1x Austrian audio OC18, 2x neumann km184, 1x akg C414 xls, 1x akg C214, 4x Oktava MK012, 2x Line audio cm3, 2x Line audio Omni1, and lot of dynamic and pzm mics. I'll record in 32bit float.
Any tips for mic placing?

This one's near and dear: polishing an old song for release - Mix thoughts?

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7 years 2 months

Hi guys. You've heard this song years ago. We got a pretty clean mix then but I never released the song as it had video game samples in it that I didn't have clearance for. Well I've changed that - stripped them all out and made my own sounds so it's time to get this ready for release after all these years.

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