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Why do I keep losing main channels?!

Ok this is the second mixer I've had since starting to build my in home studio and its the second one to lose a whole left or ride side main mix!

The first was a Be@$#%ger, and now my Mackie 1620 w/firewire has done it to me. The main L xlr out to my powered monitors stopped working on me as I was closing one project to open another in SONAR. At first I could hit the button to go to phones and I could hear both sides in them, now I cant even get a level on my left side with those! If I just record a test track with a mic I get great ingoing levels on both the left and right meter, but as soon as I go to Playback the track it only comes out on the right side and the level on the meter for the left side will only go up to like -25...!

Could i be screwing these mixers up, or is it possible that I just got two bogus mixers in a row?

I've called Mackie (excellent support BTW) and they are sending me a brand new one and paying for the shipping both ways.


Codemonkey Sun, 02/24/2008 - 13:01
Heck, at least you know not to buy Behringer again.
Some guy on here posted about how he was about to start a gig, or a soundcheck for a gig, and his whole right channel dropped out within an hour. Oh and the preamps were steadily getting weaker and noisier.

Mackie at least have a good reputation, could just be bad luck.