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Hi there,

This week I bought an MD421HN from a guy that found it in his attic. I haven't really used for recording yet, but so far I like what I'm hearing.

Just curious about when this thing was made. It's the white/grey 421HN model which was sold in the US as 421HL (high / low imp). It has the old script Sennheiser logo, it's made in Germany and the serial# is 17491.

Did a search on the web, but I didn't find much useful info.

Anyone? TIA


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moonbaby Sun, 08/20/2006 - 11:00

Are you sure that it was sold in the States? I recall seeing photos of a white-looking 421 in old (German) Sennheiser catalogs from around the early 70s. I have been buying various models of the 421 since 1974, and I never encountered that version. So I'd say that there is a very good possibility that it was made before then.
BTW, what type of connector is on it?

anonymous Sun, 08/20/2006 - 21:56

It's possible that this one is older than that. Did any of your 421 have the old 'script' Sennheiser logo?

I believe that the 421HN (which stands for Hoch / Niedrig ) was called 421HL (High / Low) for the US market. The mic has dual impedance, high/low depending on how it's connected.

The bass roll-off switch has only 2 positions.

The connector is the 3-pin teuchel. (which fell apart when I replaced the dodgy old cable with a new one :| )

moonbaby Mon, 08/21/2006 - 06:23

Yes, I've had some of the "script" models. The connector that your mic has tells me that this mic was not sold in the US. And even the very first 421's that I bought (new, from Texas 'Slim' Richie's Warehouse Music in San Antonio) for $125.00 each (!) in 1974 had the 5-position "V-M" selector, and were XLR. So yours is ancient! Good thing it still sounds good, because they were notorious for going bad from a simple smack of the drumstick. Handle it with care and enjoy it.


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