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sennheiser md421

a brief shootout: sm57, md421, i5

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very unscientific, but i did get all mics as close to coincident as reasonably possible. signal chain:

mic -> onyx 1640 -> firewire -> tracktion -> normalized -> .aiff file

Acoustic Guitar: one is an SM57, the other is an MD421mkII

Hand Percussion: i5, SM57, MD421:

N/D868 - D112 - MD421 Kick Samples - Attention: Gertok

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OK, I've posted the samples of the mics you were asking us about.

Here's some info:

Kick Drum:
Tama 22"
Beater Head: Evans (forget model)
Reso Head: Factory (with non-factory hole)
DW single pedal w/ felt (needs some TLC - it's rather noisy), no falam-slam on head.

Mics: All in same position on low-boy stand with boom, just inside reso head hole, about a 45 degree angle towards beater.

Opinions on K2, KSM44, Baby Bottle, e914 or MD421

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14 years 10 months
Okay so I'm about buy either a RØDE K2, Shure KSM44, Blue Baby Bottle, or the Sennheiser e914 and md421(together as an option). I'm recording acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano's, harmonica's, mandolins, and both male and female vocals. I'm just wondering what you guys would pick and what your thoughts are on them.

Age of my MD421

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Hi there,

This week I bought an MD421HN from a guy that found it in his attic. I haven't really used for recording yet, but so far I like what I'm hearing.

Just curious about when this thing was made. It's the white/grey 421HN model which was sold in the US as 421HL (high / low imp). It has the old script Sennheiser logo, it's made in Germany and the serial# is 17491.

Did a search on the web, but I didn't find much useful info.

Anyone? TIA


Is a MD421 repair possible / worthwhile (70s version)?

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21 years 2 months
Hello all,

I have a sick 70s creamy white MD421 which seems to have the common problem of having an impact transfered to the cartridge and now sounds honky.

Does anyone know if it is possible at all for anyone to repair these? My local distributor had a listen to it and pretty much said yep, it's broken, to repair will cost significantly more than I can get one new elsewhere, plus I will basically end up with the vintage case over a new MD421 guts.

Is it the case that earlier MD421s were unrepairable / disposable once in need of any repair?

MD421 no more ?

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the state of the indian distribution of pro audio.. reason why i loath having to purchase locally.

Just got this mail :

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We regert to inform you that the model quoted MD 421 II has been discontinued,
please find below our revised quote.

Sennheiser Dynamic Microphone
Model No. MD 431 MK II
Unit Price Rs. 25615.00 + VAT
Payment : 50% Advance with purchase order balance against delivery.

MD421 roll off switch

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21 years 2 months
can anyone help me find a link with a description of the Sennheiser md 421 II roll off switch. there is a s and m and i could take the time and listen tot the differnce but i am too lazy, can some just tell me really fast or give me a link. the manuels are in german or austrian or something no english

Sennheiser MD421 II - how does this thing work?

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Hi RO members

Silly, I know.. but I found it most unhelpful to find no instructions in the box of how the 5point bass roll-off feature worked.

Can anyone enlighten me? One end says S and the other M with three points in between.

Also, again slightly dumb - which side is the front? the side with the mic clip, the side without, or the end where Sennheiser is written on a plastic strip. It is a cardiod mic so shouldn't it be like..side address? WHICH SIDE? :?

I apologise once more for my stupidity. Please help!