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N/D868 - D112 - MD421 Kick Samples - Attention: Gertok

OK, I've posted the samples of the mics you were asking us about.

Here's some info:

Kick Drum:
Tama 22"
Beater Head: Evans (forget model)
Reso Head: Factory (with non-factory hole)
DW single pedal w/ felt (needs some TLC - it's rather noisy), no falam-slam on head.

Opinions on K2, KSM44, Baby Bottle, e914 or MD421

Okay so I'm about buy either a RODE K2, Shure KSM44, Blue Baby Bottle, or the Sennheiser e914 and md421(together as an option). I'm recording acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano's, harmonica's, mandolins, and both male and female vocals. I'm just wondering what you guys would pick and what your thoughts are on them.

Age of my MD421

Hi there,

This week I bought an MD421HN from a guy that found it in his attic. I haven't really used for recording yet, but so far I like what I'm hearing.

Just curious about when this thing was made. It's the white/grey 421HN model which was sold in the US as 421HL (high / low imp). It has the old script Sennheiser logo, it's made in Germany and the serial# is 17491.

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MD421 roll off switch

can anyone help me find a link with a description of the Sennheiser md 421 II roll off switch. there is a s and m and i could take the time and listen tot the differnce but i am too lazy, can some just tell me really fast or give me a link. the manuels are in german or austrian or something no english