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Hey everyone,

I am happy to announce Paul Smith, owner of Smith Music and Smith Consulting "just north of Edmonton AB" as our new A/V forum moderator. Paul and his staff work with large touring acts in the US and Canadian Hall Of fame acts through recording, stage management and production.
His company specializes in video content creation for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations which is why he fits perfectly for our new A/V forum, something we should have had here for years already!

Paul also specializes in:

  1. Private music instruction,
  2. Commercial recording
  3. Live event production/promotion.
    Paul has been an RO member for quite a few years, some of you might know him already as

    Welcome Paul!


Paul999 Wed, 02/24/2021 - 08:59

Thanks so much Audiokid and Ronny B. I am here to learn just as much as the next guy. Coming to video from an audio background has been an interesting crossover to say the least. Creating a video is very similar to creating songs. Editing and finishing a video is so similar to mixing, as far as process, that it gives audio people a big leg up.

I am very passionate about helping others with video. I believe that all musicians, engineers and others in the industry need to excel at video to promote themselves. Covid has launched us 10 years into the future, and the people who can sell themselves the best will rise to the top.