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In honor of the revamped site, I thought it was high time for a new Celebrity Death Match-style thread.

Been reading up on the FATSO, quite a different animal than I thought from initial reports, and quite interesting. An interesting point is its "Spank" mode is supposed to behave like an SSL talkback compressor, as is the Smart C-2's "Crush" mode, and Empirical says the bus compressor mode w/o tranny is supposed to behave like an SSL bus compressor, like, well, also an Alan Smart unit. I know the FATSO has a hell of a lot more tricks up its sleave than just compression, but I wonder how it compares to the Smart for these tasks. Does it do these tricks well enough to eliminate the need for the Smart? Or is the compression too hard to isolate from the other mojo to accurately evaluate?

I do live in analog land, if that makes a difference in whether I'll find a FATSO useful. (Adding my first digital reverb this week, doing a splendid job keeping up with the times. ;) )

da Bear

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miketholen Sat, 04/21/2001 - 18:34

Wow! I almost forgot about the ssl tb comp. that's the most brutal thing I've ever heard! I used to use it alot for drums, The tech at the studio wired it into the bay! So fuckin' cool! Maybe I'll look for one of those old consoles somewhere just to rip out the TB comp/lim! If EL acually suckseeds in emulating it ,this thing it will be smokin'. Later-Mike :D


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