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I was out shopping for some nearfield monitors and tried out a few different sets in the showroom. The units on display were as follows.
1. Behringer truths
2. Emes Pink series
3. Dynaudio
4. Roland
5. Yamaha NS
6. KRK V88's
7. Alesis M1

I ended up buying the V88's because they apeared to be less coloured than the smaller monitors and better in the bottom end ( especially the Truths and Yamahas). Will these be sufficient for a small commercial studio setup later down the track or will I have to upgrade? Can these be used for mastering as well as mixing? Are KRK's well regarded in the industry?

Thanks guys. .

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anonymous Fri, 04/18/2003 - 20:56

Some KRK's are well reguarded.

If you can get used to them, and make mixes translate to other speakers systems, then they are right for you.

Monitors are like ladies. They are a necessary evil. They all look different and act different in various situations, rooms, climates, etc. The question is, can you wake up every morning and stomach your decision when you've heard them again?

anonymous Tue, 04/22/2003 - 21:04


I have had incredibly bad luck with these speakers.

They are great sounding depending on the type of music you're working with, as I find them to work well with hip hop, ambient, trance, jungle, and that sort of music. They also stack up well against all sorts of competition considering their price.

So what's the bad luck part?

Quality control. In my two months working with KRKs product lines I have seen no less than 4 pairs crap out. Two pairs of V8s came to me completely screwed, and in fact three of the four of them looked like they were used or demos or something, judging by the looks of them (and sound). One pair of V6s came with blown fuses, the magnet in another V6 completely fell off, and I've currently got a pair of V4s where one of them has decided to cut its volume in half on me (nothing on the back of the V4 was played with to alter the volume).

SO, in closing. When they work I think they're terrific. When they don't, it makes me wonder what kind of sweat shop is being enlisted to meet whatever demand they've got.

Just to reiterate, I do like the speakers, I just hate the QA that goes (or doesn't go) into them.

That said, I hope you got a good pair, and I hope that good pair came with a good warranty!


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