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first rough mix a lot will change. Thoughts appreciated


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Jeremy Dean Fri, 08/12/2016 - 15:43

I like the melody and the flow of the song. I enjoyed when the acoustic guitar came in later in the song, and the strings were a nice touch near the end. You might consider putting the strings in earlier in the song and give them a more prominent place instead of just the last little portion of the song. Overall I like the composition! I did however hear some things that I would change. It sounds like you recorded a lot of the instruments very hot, especailly the piano.

bouldersound, post: 440366, member: 38959 wrote: There's a lot of minor clipping.

I definitely agree with bouldersound on the clipping. The compression going on with the drums, especially the kick and snare, is squashing the life out of them. The mix just sounds very hot to me. Did you record everything that way, or is there something else going on that's pushing some of your tracks to the point of clipping?
Some of your guitars sound out of tune to me in places. The clean lead guitar playing the higher stuff at 0:46-0:48, 0:54, and 2:06-2:08 sounds off pitch enough to bother me. Also one of the electric guitars is clashing with the other instruments starting at about 2:32 and onward periodically making everything sound off pitch with eachother. Was your electric tuned before that take? Is your electric intonated properly? Just a few things that could make that happen. Also, I assume that's a real piano we're hearing. Is it tuned up as well? An out of tune piano could really mess up a whole mix that's in tune, even if it's just off a little on certain notes.
The chord change the piano makes at 1:19-1:20 is a little abrupt. There's a bit of silence between the chord change where on other changes the chords flow better. The change at 1:28 also sounds cut, like you punched in at the spot. Those spots just sounds a little unatural to me. At 1:09 the kick is off beat.
I know this is your first draft so not everything will be perfect. I like the song and the sound you have. These are some things I would fix though. I know it might be a pain, but I would consider re-recording any of the intruments that were not tuned or intonated properly, namely the electric guitar. Sounds to me like it's the culprit. But you have a good piece here! Let us know when you have another draft. :)


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