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I've made a significant business shift going all in on video work.  As I have talked about before soundtracks are very important for video.  

For the last year and a half all of the custom sound tracks I've made have been ITB programmed with midi with additional guitars using amp sims, mixed on ear buds.  

I have finally been able to get my studio set up to create music quickly using live drums, bass, guitar amps and my grand piano.  I still program orchestral instruments.  

In order to make the numbers work I can't take more than 8 hours to make a 5 min sound track from writing to final mix.  The song that I uploaded uses acoustic drums, bass, and guitars. Orchestral is programmed. I am refining my template every time I mix. This is the second song I've recorded in the new setup.  It was 6.5 hours. There are a ton of compromises but it will work.  I export the full song and also stems so that I can mix and match, create loops and edit in Final cut when I am using it for video.  I'd love some feedback.  Also I chose to upload this to the A/V forum because it is used in Video. I hope that was the correct call. 

As a sound track there are significant times of a repetitive loop for talking head shots to have space etc. 

P.S. Glad to be back. I hope to be back even more now that things are settling out. 



audiokid Tue, 10/11/2022 - 06:44

Hey Paul, happy to hear current news about your studio and direction. Your track has a Beggar's Opera vibe. Cool 70's vibe indeed. Love the 70's music.

There are a few of us on the forum that have been programming music like this for years now. As usual... it sounds like you are making good business moves to keep things rolling along. Kudo's !

I added the track that came to mind. One if my all time favourites of that era. Hope it inspires any additional creative ideas for you. You’ve nailed the feel. Thanks for sharing 👍🏼