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Hey guys!

So, I have been quite proud of my abilities to mic up and edit a large drum set over the past few years, although it has all been natural drums that I have produced. With my current musical project I want to use Superior Drummer for the bass drum and possibly even the snare and/or toms (It's progressive metal/ish). I have a fairly wide, but symmetrical, set that I will be using for the project (pictured).

I was wondering if there are any overhead techniques to use in order to pick up as much of the cymbals as possible and reject the attack of the drums. I will have 16 inputs, 2-Oktava MK-012-01's, 1-AKG C414 XLS, 1-Sterling ST55, and host of other dynamic mics (see my profile for a full list if you need) available to make this work.

If you have any questions, please ask! I have about a month before we actually commence recording, so I want to use this time to prepare for the production plan. Thanks so much!

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