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In my work with young musicians in particular, I have noticed some categories of beliefs that stop musicians from building careers in music.  I'd love some feedback from folks that have build a career of some sort in the music industry of other insights that help up coming musicians.  


audiokid Mon, 10/18/2021 - 15:35

cool video. I can relate. I've been in a constant state of reinventing, improving and adapting.

audiokid Tue, 10/19/2021 - 10:39

Here a fun story of many:

Back in the 80's, my partner and I were travelling through Red Deer in an old 1961 Imperial Limo (a dad antique collection I inherited) when suddenly some girl jumped into the back seat at a stop sign and said... can you please give me a ride up to my friends house! She said she was jamming up there and we should come. We told her we were musicians too,but had to keep going. We had a fun chat, dropped her off and wished her luck.

OMG... She was a ball of energy and very different!

A few years later we saw her playing in Jasper, where we were also playing. Her name was K.d. Lang. She was on stage in bare feet and being marketed a the Patsy Cline reincarnation.

Without going on... K.d is undeniably an amazing singer... but to get back to your OP here, she is also a master at marketing herself.

There are many great talents that never get discovered. Her success is surely also due to how she started a buzz.

audiokid Wed, 10/20/2021 - 20:01

oh yeah!

Although I had a great career with my band, one could only imagine how fun that ride would have been. She is an amazing singer.

Years later (while working at Mothers Music in Edmonton (for some time off from the road), K.d put up an ad at the store and like a dummy I passed on going to her audition. Who knows... I may have gotten that gig as she would have remembered me and my chops were pretty good back then.

I've had a few things like this happen over the years. but... I've pretty much chosen my path and for the most part its all been good.

You've done a great job paving your path too! I always enjoy your videos and the excellent stuff you share with our community. Keep up the great work.

Curious Cat Sat, 10/23/2021 - 13:17

Really enjoyed the video. Was nice to hear some positive points in the middle of the sea of doomsdayers. I told my wife the other day that it's like everybody has this golden nugget they must drop on me. Their wisdom is that there is no money left in the music business. I am constantly reminded by others that a new song is uploaded about once every second. Spotify is uploading 60,000 new songs per day. I try to ignore it but their mindset is, just entertain yourself because you cant beat the odds. I love music and would probably just sit around and noodle on the guitar while watching TV, BUT, I don't believe it's hopeless. Thank you for bringing some alternate reality to the 'Musicians must face reality" conversation. Thank you