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Hi friends, there are some spoken words in the background of this song that are super hard to hear, and so I am on a quest to remove the noise so I can hear what is being said.  It should be said that currently, there is an entire fan base of this song who all don't know, so it will be a historic find when completed.  I have pretty much 0 audio engineering experience other than extremely small things that pretty much don't count, so if I could get a lesson on how to do this I would be very happy.  I have attached the song for reference, thank you in advance, and no matter what, I hope your life is nothing but wonderful.



Thomas W. Bethel Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:49

I do mastering and restoration for a living. I am not sure but on first listen I think  it would be impossible to make the words more intelligible I am not sure the group or the engineer wanted anyone to "hear" the words or understand them. It is not really "noise" but part of the music. Best of luck in your quest.