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Does anyone know exactly how old a CD player has to be so that it will not play a red book CDR?



GT40sc Thu, 03/06/2003 - 20:00

Hard to say exactly...

The problem is that CDR's are quite a bit LESS reflective than a standard CD, and some of the old players have weak lasers...they can't read anything through that dark green goo...

My mom has a Panasonic blaster circa don't work with CDRs at all, they don't even turn.

At the mastering place I used to work, we got some of the first CD recorders available: the Yamaha YPDR-601, eight grand each in 1991. (Blank discs were $30 each...Ouch.)

Anyway, I would guess most any CD player made after 1992 or so should be OK, but I also know that many car players and cheap walkman-type portables often have trouble with CDRs still...

Everything I send out is burned at 1x and tested all the way through on the walkman before it goes out...don't know what else to do...

hope this helps,

Don Grossinger Mon, 03/10/2003 - 10:47

Cd players in general tend to track more poorly as they age. Even manufactured CDs will not play properly if the servo that tracks the pits of digital information & moves the laser is wearing out. Also there is usually a thin rubber belt attached to the laser assembly that slips and/or hardens with age that will throw tracking off. Lasers wear out over time & seem to age & stop reading too.

The belt is a cheap fix; the servo & laser repairs are not. Continuous use of the unit, not strictly age, is a factor too. Parts just wear out. There's a lot of mechanical stuff going on in there.

All hese problems are increased & more sensative for CD-Rs for the reasons GT40sc states.

Hope this helps

Alécio Costa Mon, 03/10/2003 - 18:28

My The Police Singles Collection and another Cd i recorded, mixed and mastered, later fabricated by
Sonopress do not play anymore. They are not scratched and so.
I heard a crazy story that exists a type of fungus that likes to eat CD´Rs; Is that real?
Maybe is the cousin of the ones who fucked ADAT tapes!!!

Is it possible to fix a bad expensive ( to me) scsi burner from Yamaha/glyph? I paid a leg for that and it failed after less than 3 years of continuous use.